Visiting Cabo Polonio is an experience that will change your life. This secluded coastal town will make you feel completely disconnected from the outside world, almost as if you were in a different dimension. With many activities and places to visit, Cabo Polonio is the perfect destination for those who wish to relax and reconnect with nature. In this article, you will learn about this magical place and all the activities you can enjoy here.

The first historical records of Cabo Polonio date from the 18th century, specifically 1753, when a Spanish galleon commanded by Joseph Polloni shipwrecked in this area of the Uruguayan Atlantic Coast. It was only the first of many ships that succumbed to these waters. In 1881, a lighthouse was built to guide sailors and fishermen, and as a result, people started to settle down in the area. Cabo Polonio has been part of the National System of Protected Areas since 2009, to help preserve its natural richness and limit human activity in the area.

Cabo Polonio. Extraordinary place to visit in Uruguay.

The town is located approximately 265 kilometers away from Montevideo. It is very isolated, so getting there can be a little difficult, but in the end, it is worth it. Once you get to Cabo Polonio, you will be enchanted by the views. The first thing you might see is the lighthouse, which you can visit from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:30 until sunset. This lighthouse, which was declared a historical monument in 1976, offers astonishing views of the ocean and the little houses of the town. From the top, you will also be able to see three islands called Encantada, Rasa, and El Islote, which are very close to the coast and shelter a huge colony of sea lions.

Cabo Polonio: Untouched Paradise

Probably the most unbelievable thing about Cabo Polonio is how untouched it is. There are only about 100 residents in this town, most of whom are fishermen or artisans. They live in small houses scattered all around the land, without roads, cars, electricity, or running water. Since there is no electricity, not even street lights, the nights in Cabo Polonio are striking, so staying for at least one night to admire all the stars in the dark sky is highly recommended.

If you wish to stay in Cabo Polonio, you could visit "La Perla del Cabo," a beautiful hotel founded in 1970, which has very cozy rooms and an incredible restaurant where you will savor fresh, local seafood as well as marvelous wines. Treat yourself to a cocktail in the wooden terrace, which lies 20 meters from the shore, and enjoy the sunset.

Living Beach with Living Lights

If you wish to enjoy the beach, the most suitable time to visit Cabo Polonio is between December and April, which are the summer months. If you visit during the last weeks of summer, you might be very lucky to see the luminescent plankton on the beach at night. These are 1 mm organisms that live in the water and light up when you touch them — an unforgettable experience.

There are three ways to get to Cabo Polonio. The first thing you need to do is drive down Route 10 until you reach the 264th kilometer. There, at the "Puerta de Polonio" terminal, you will find safari-style trucks, which can take you to Cabo Polonio in 30 minutes. You will have to leave your car/transportation at the terminal, since only these trucks are allowed to enter the secluded area.

Another way of getting to the town is horseback riding or walking approximately seven kilometers from the terminal. Some people prefer to walk along the shore from a nearby coastal town called Valizas, which sits 10 kilometers away from Cabo Polonio. However, this pathway may be very tiresome for some, since it has dunes that can be up to 30 meters tall.