Did you know the entire world celebrates Kiss Day on the 13th of April and kiss and wine have a common story? And that’s important because expressing our emotions is essential. When you share a kiss with your partner, nothing else around you matters.

Kissing is the purest expression of love, but so is wine. From the love of grape growers to their vines, to the passion of winemakers crafting authentic bottled love, to ourselves sharing a glass of wine with a special someone in a wine date. All to get what we call a wine kiss.

That’s why romantic wines and dating wines exist. In the same way, you can pair wine with any food; you can pair it with any occasion. Some of the women’s favorite wines are meant to be enjoyed under the dim light of a candle at home or an upscale restaurant. Kiss and wine, You and Your love.

Here’s the kiss and wine history, a great conversation starter that will get you in the mood for romance. Choose the correct dating wine, and a proper wine kiss is guaranteed.

Kiss and Wine: The Origin of Kissing

A couple kiss and wine together.

Kissing might go back as far as humanity goes, as we shared our affection with each other while still hanging from the trees, but the story behind the kiss might be more complicated than that.

The earliest record of people kissing goes back to 1500 B.C. in India, as depicted in ancient texts that mentioned people rubbing their noses in affection.

By 400 B.C., kissing was widely spread throughout the Indian subcontinent, as the famous erotic Kama Sutra shows not one, but many ways of giving a kiss.

The Greek conqueror Alexander the Great invaded India in 326 B.C., and he and his warriors returned home with a fun souvenir, the practice of kissing, which became immensely popular.

It comes as no surprise that the Ancient Greeks also mastered the art of making wine, and they were well aware of the warmth and mood-boosting properties in the fermented drink — all leading to affective gestures, such as the kiss.

The Romans, who copied most of the Greeks’ cultural behavior, took the kiss to the rest of Europe, and soon the romantic smooch became a universal display of affection.

How Wine can Redesign your Romantic Date

Two glasses empty in a beautiful and romantic view

Wine is a vital part of dating. It’s classier than beer and mellower than cocktails. There’s something romantic infused in every bottle of wine that can turn any reunion into a passionate matter.

Drinking wine releases the “happy hormone” dopamine that makes us feel good and confident. The noble drink also has uninhibiting effects that make us relax and be funnier. Wine can also trigger all kinds of hormones that set an interesting mood for the perfect romantic wine date.

Wine is the single best drink for a romantic date, but not all wines are created equal. Read on to learn how to choose the right wine.

Couples’ Favorite Wines

Couple holding hands with some led lights

The world of wine is immense! There are many types of wines, and they all meet specific goals and satisfy individual needs. For a romantic date, though, the best idea is to consider you what you'll have for dinner.

  • If you’re eating fresh food like salads, seafood, ceviche, or sushi, then a crisp white wine with a refreshing profile will work great!

Order something like: Albariño, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Riesling.

  • If you’re enjoying a buttery dish, oily fish like tuna, salmon, chicken or pork, and food with creamy sauces, look for a full-bodied wine with layered aromas and flavors. These are some of women’s favorite wines.

Order something like: Chardonnay

  • If you’re feasting on Asian stir-fries, mushroom dishes, or roasted birds, look for a silky light-bodied red wine.

Order something like: Pinot Noir, Gamay

  • If you’re enjoying red meat, grilled meat, sausages, and roasted veggies, look for a handsome full-bodied red wine.

Order something like: Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese

  1. Altos de José Ignacio Reserva Albariño, Maldonado, Uruguay Light, fresh and thirst-quenching.
  2. Vina Eden Chardonnay, Pueblo Eden, Uruguay Bold, and creamy, palate-coating, and very pleasing.
  3. Bodega Garzon Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, Maldonado, Uruguay Silky and elegant, sexy, and fruit-forward.
  4. Alto de la Ballena Reserva Tannat - Viognier, Uruguay Robust and vigorous, a very well structured wine with complex aromas.
  5. Bodega Garzon Cosecha Tardia, Maldonado, Uruguay Sweet, peachy and decadent, the perfect way to end a wine date.

Now that you’re dying to tell the story of wine to your partner, and you know how to choose the right wine for a date, it’s time to get yourself a well-earned wine kiss.

Ask your significant other out on a wine date and get a bottle (or two) of the wines above. With your newfound knowledge about romantic wines, everything will turn out fine. Now there’s no excuse for putting together a date night to remember!