Anyone who travels to Uruguay should visit Punta del Este before leaving. This gorgeous coastal city is located just 81 miles away from Montevideo and has some of the most exclusive beaches in South America, which have been visited by celebrities such as Ralph Lauren and Shakira. But you don't need to be rich and famous to enjoy what Punta del Este has to offer. In this blog, you will learn about all the best places you should visit during your stay that will make you fall in love with this stunning city.

The main attraction of Punta del Este is the beaches. This city is a peninsula with over 12.5 miles of the coast. On the west side of the peninsula, you will find "Playa Mansa," a relaxing beach with fine sands and calm waters. This beach, which belongs to the Maldonado Bay, is perfect for a day with your family, especially if you have children.

On the other side of the peninsula, you will find "Playa Brava," which translates to "Angry Beach." The reason for this bold name is that its waters belong to the Atlantic Ocean, and as a result, they have bigger waves. This makes it perfect for practicing all sorts of water sports such as surf and kitesurf. On the shores of Playa Brava lies a very famous sculpture made by Chilean artist Mario Irarrazabal. It has many different names, but the most popular one is "Los Dedos", which means "the fingers" — it looks like a hand emerging from the sand. It's the perfect spot for a memorable Instagram picture.

Los Dedos. One of the great arts you can find in Punta Del Este

There are other incredible beaches in proximity to Punta del Este like La Barra de La Maldonado. As such, it is a great idea to rent a car and visit them. One of the most famous ones is Bikini Beach. It is located a little farther away from La Barra de Maldonado, but still just 20 minutes away from the city. Getting to La Barra is an attraction in itself since you will drive over the "Puente Ondulante," an undulating bridge that resembles the waves. Bikini Beach is the perfect place for those who are looking to party.

As the sun starts to go down, the music goes up and the party begins. La Barra has an incredible nightlife with many bars and nightclubs that are waiting for you. And let's not forget about the Sun-praising: Casapueblo.

sunsets over the ocean casapueblo punta del este

Back in Punta del Este, you will be amazed by the marvelous gastronomy, with unbelievable restaurants such as "Lo de Tere," where you will enjoy fresh local seafood, or "La Bourgogne," which offers authentic French cuisine by Chef Jean-Paul Bondoux. After a delicious dinner, you can visit another one of Punta del Este's most famous attractions: the Conrad Resort and Casino. Here, you will be able to play some poker or test your luck at the slot machines. This resort also often has live music or stand-up comedy shows at night. It is the perfect place to have a great time.

Punta Del Este: More Than Beaches

There are other things to do during the day besides going to the beach. For example, you can visit the Punta del Este Port, where you will see luxurious yachts and sailboats. From there, you can book a tour to one of the nearby islands. One of these islands is famous for having a huge number of sea lions, so if that sounds appealing to you, don't hesitate.

Finally, make sure to visit one of Punta del Este's museums. If you are traveling with children, The Ocean Museum is the perfect place to learn about the biodiversity of the Atlantic Ocean. On the other hand, the Ralli Museum is targeted at a more mature audience. It is located in one of the most privileged parts of the city and features the works of both Latin American and European artists.