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Buying The Best Wines

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Get your hands on the finest wines from Uruguay, from bold reds to refreshing whites; there’s something for every taste and occasion. Buy wine from Uruguay and discover the best-kept South American secret.

All About Uruguayan Wines

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Learn all about Uruguay wines, South America’s hidden gem. With a fantastic coastal terroir and verdant rolling hills, passionate winemakers make world-class wine. Know all about Uruguayan wine and the people behind it.

Wine And Food Paring

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What’s a dinner with friends without wine? Wine and food are two sides of the same coin, and when it comes to Uruguay, wine is incredibly versatile at the table. Take your dining experience to new heights!

Travel For Wine

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Visiting the wine country is the best way of learning about wine. Visit Uruguay, meet the people, eat the food, and try the wines; how’s that for a holiday plan?

Wine Lifestyle

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The finest wines from Uruguay tasted and reviewed by pros. Check out the wine tasting profiles for the best wines from the South American country — real gems for everyday drinking and worthy of every collection.


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Uruguay is the hidden gem of South America. A land of contrasts and amazing vines!
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