The best way to get to know Uruguayan wines is to first learn about the beautiful country they come from. The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is located in South America, a continent of many contrasts. This small nation is found in the southeast, bordering Argentina, Brazil, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is considerably smaller than many other South American countries, with a territory of approximately 68,000 square miles and around 3.5 million citizens. Even though Uruguay is a small country, it has many different things to offer, from beautiful countryside landscapes to relaxing beaches and astounding wines.

Uruguay: A country full of perfect landscapes

Quality of Life and A Living Country

If you enjoy life in the city, Montevideo will be waiting for you. This vibrant city is known for offering the best quality of life in Latin America and you are destined to have a great time here. The architecture has a strong European influence, with beautiful structures like the Solis Theater which was founded in 1856. Walk along the Rambla, a 24-kilometer avenue on the coast of the La Plata River, or go up to the "Fortaleza del Cerro", ” a military fortress founded in 1811 that sits 486 feet above sea level and offers incredible views of the entire city and the river.

Uruguay: A Great Mixture of Old and New

You can travel back in time by visiting the city of Colonia del Sacramento, approximately 110 miles from the nation's capital. The city's historic quarter has been preserved since the colonial era, and in 1995 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, since it harbors Portuguese and Spanish architectural styles, all in less than 30 acres.

Colonia Uruguay Old Town Street

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Uruguay's Atlantic Coast. Whether you prefer the peace of an isolated beach or the rush of the crowded coastal towns, there is something for every taste. Just 80 miles from Montevideo, you will find the elegant and modern city of Punta del Este, which has been named the Saint-Tropez of Uruguay. Enjoy the glitz and glamour of this touristic location with its stunning beaches, contemporary architecture, and marvelous nightlife.

A Great Place to Live in Peace

If you prefer peace and quiet, don't hesitate to visit Cabo Polonio, an extremely secluded national park. This area is known for its striking beaches surrounded by dunes, as well as the presence of sea lions on the surrounding islands. If you like going on adventures, you should camp in Cabo Polonio and see the moon and the stars like you have never seen them before. The lack of electricity in the national park keeps the light pollution at zero.

These are just some of the attractions that this beautiful country has to offer. History, art, beaches, nature, amazing food, and quality wines are waiting for you in unbelievable Uruguay!